Papers and Power Point Presentations
Program and Abstracts (PDF)

Quantifying and communicating uncertainties
Stuart Reid
Confidence and risk
Ross Corotis
Risk communication with generalized uncertainty and linguistics
Armen Der Kiureghian, Ove Ditlevsen
Aleatory or epistemic? Does it matter?
Bruce Ellingwood
Quantifying and communicating uncertainty in seismic risk assessment
Risk acceptance for existing structures
Dimitris Diamantidis, Paolo Bazzurro
Safety acceptance criteria for existing structures
Renee Lee, Anne Kiremidjian
Efficient seismic risk assessment and retrofit prioritization model for transportation networks
Ryan Williams, Paolo Gardoni, Joseph Bracci
Decision analysis for seismic retrofit of structures
Calibrating design codes and obtaining target risk levels
Peter Tanner, Angel Arteaga
Structural safety requirements based on notional risks associated with current practice
Torgeir Moan
Development of accidental collapse limit state criteria for offshore structures
Niels Lind, Mahesh Pandey, Jatin
Assessing and Affording the Control of Flood Risk
Brian Meacham
Using risk as a basis for establishing tolerable performance: an approach for building regulation
Yasuki Ohtori, Hiroshi Soraoka, Tomoyoshi Takeda
Calibration of Safety Factors for Seismic Stability of Foundation Ground and Peripheral Slopes at Nuclear Power Sites
Advanced uncertainty modeling for risk calculations
Abbie Liel, Curt Haselton, Gregory Deierlein, Jack Baker
Assessing the seismic collapse risk of reinforced concrete frame structures, including effects of modeling uncertainties
Daniel Straub, Armen Der Kiureghian
Risk acceptance in deteriorating structural systems
Ton Vrouwenvelder
Failure consequences in flood engineering
K. Nishijima, Marc Maes, Jean Goyet, Michael Faber
Optimal Reliability of Components of Complex Systems Using Hierarchical
System Models

Considerations beyond expected costs

Terje Haukaas
Unified Reliability and Design Optimization in Earthquake Engineering
Matthias Schubert, Michael Faber,

Decision making subject to aversion of low frequency high consequence

Des Hartford
Justification of risk-taking through reasoning, reasonableness and practicability
Ove Ditlevsen, Peter Friis-Hansen

Cost and benefit including value of life and limb measured in time units

Risk assessment and risk acceptance for complex systems

Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio
Risk Assessment of Complex Infrastructures
Sei’ichiro Fukushima,
Tsuyoshi Takada
Probabilistic comparison of seismic design response spectra
Auguste Boissonnade
Modeling demand surge
Junho Song, Won Hee Kang
Risk-quantification of complex systems by matrix-based system reliability method
This paper was accepted for the workshop, but no presentation was made:
Milan Holický
Risk criteria for road tunnels



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